ABROL offers to take up research projects on contractual basis. The areas of specialization are process development of specialty chemicals and polymers. The highly qualified team of scientists including polymer technologists, chemists and chemical engineers study all aspects of process development-choosing right process for minimal environmental problems and high safety. With access to latest literature and references at reputed libraries, the research team updates its knowledge base. The processes developed in the laboratories are scaled up in the pilot plant. The chemical engineers then design the equipment involved in the processes. The pilot plant facilities include glass reactors of 20 liter and stainless steel reactors of 100 and 250 liter capacities

Contract manufacture of fine chemicals in low volumes is undertaken by ABROL. Consistant high quality is the mantra of ABROL’s production team. Facilities for production include stainless steel reactors with the essential accessories, chilling plant using ethylene glycol-water brine, thermic fluid boiler, basket centrifuge, tray dryer etc. Utilities include sufficient supply of water and diesel generator in case of power interruption.