ABRON – PMR 7200
(High Temperature Polyimide Resin)

This resin offers excellent thermal stability & performance at elevated temperatures   (> 4000 C). The ABRON – PMR 7200 is PMR type of polyimide resin. Tg: ~ 4000 C. And Curing temperature is ~ 3160 C and post curing at elevated temperatures is essential.

The system is supplied as a single solution. The solid content of the resin as a single system is 70% or can be supplied as 100 % solid powder ( moulding application ).  The combination of environmental friendliness, lower health risk and markedly higher use temperature makes ABRON PMR 7200 well suited for various aerospace and non-aerospace applications. Commercial applications include automotive transportation, defense, sporting goods, electronic, oil drilling, and civil engineering.

ABRON PMR 7200 exhibits high mechanical strength and structural durability at elevated temperatures. It also features significantly less moisture absorption and is therefore less susceptible to moisture induced damage. This resin demonstrates excellent thermal oxidative stability and resistance to microcracking.

 The shelf life for ABRON PMR 7200 is 3 days @ 25°C, 6 months @ 0°C.