( Polyimide Resin )


ABRON PIR1800 is a reactive resin which can be thermally cured to a cross linked polyimide. This resin has been specifically designed for prepreging application and vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (lower viscosity) for structural composite applications where extended high temperature exposures are required. This resin presents a balance of excellent processability and high thermal stability. Excellent strength retention is maintained upto temperatures of ~ 3500C.

Typical Properties of ABRON PIR 1800

Property Range Remarks
Appearance Brown Viscous Liquid
Odour Amine Like
Solubility in Water Slight
Specific Gravity 1.0 – 1.2 gm/cc At 300C
Viscosity 6000 – 12000 cP At 300C
Solid Content 70 – 75 % 1400C – 15 minutes
Actual Solids 57.5 – 62.5 % 2500C – 1 hour
Shelf Life 3 months At < 40C

Indicative Properties of Glass Cloth Based Polyimide Laminates

Satin Weave Fabric Hollow Fibre Fabric
1 Tensile Strength (MPa) Warp 495 200
Weft 220 125
2 Compressive Strength (MPa) Warp 407 220
Weft 210 132
3 Flexural Strength (MPa) Warp 400 310
Weft 265 213
4 Elasticity Modulus in Tension ( MPa ) Warp 30,000 26,000
Weft 13,500 18,100
5 Poisson’s Ratio Warp 0.92 0.139
Weft 0.06 0.076
45 0.512

Recommended Storage Conditions :

 It is recommended to store the resin at 40C and used with in 3 months of receipt. The resin can be stored for longer durations if stored at sub zero temperatures depending upon the application. Resin should be checked for specifications before usage. The resins have to be brought to room temperature (250C) before application / usage. The resin should be used within 3 days after attaining room temperature. Uncapping of the resin containers should be done only at room temperatures, as the resin is hygroscopic.

 Avoid moisture contamination and contact with iron which will react with the resin. Stainless Steel containers are compatible with the resins.