ABRON PIR-15 resin system has been developed for the manufacture of advanced composites for Space, Aerospace & Defense applications. This Polyimide based polymer can be used as a matrix material at temperatures upto 316oC continuous applications and short excursions upto 361oC. Of all the High Temperature materials this polyimide displays exceptional behavior in terms of processing properties, thermo-oxidative stability and retention of mechanical properties at temperatures in the 300oC – 316oC range.

The main applications of this resin system is in the manufacture of composites for aircraft industry for engine ducts, fan blades, inner cowls, swirl frames, nozzle flaps & fins and bodies of missiles, etc.

The resin system consists of three solutions ( 50 % solid loading in Methanol ) which have to be mixed ( under specific conditions and ratios ), before use. The resin can be used for making prepregs, filament winding or moulding.


ABRON PIR-15 Part A:
Colour : Honey Red
Specific Gravity : 1.0 – 1.06
Viscosity ( Ford B4 Cup ) : 12 – 16 sec
ABRON PIR-15 Part B:
Colour : Light – Dark Brown
Specific Gravity : 0.750 – 0.95
Viscosity ( Ford B4 Cup ) : 10 – 15 sec
ABRON PIR-15 Part C:
Colour : Light Yellow
Specific Gravity : 0.085 – 1.05
Viscosity ( Ford B4 Cup ) : 10 – 14 sec
Typical Quantities for 10 kg resin solution :
ABRON PIR-15 Part A  : 4.452 kgs
ABRON PIR-15 Part B  : 3.381 Kgs
ABRON PIR-15 Part C  : 2.167 kgs

STORAGEStore all the three parts in deep freezer for long storage, separately.

General Procedure for the preparation of the resin solution :

Keep all the three solutions at RT for couple of hours, until the contents attain RT or ~ 25oC. Take ABRON PIR-15 Part A into a clean, dry RB flask fitted with an agitator, condenser, thermo well & heating mantle. Place a Calcium Chloride guard tube on the condenser and start agitation. While under agitation, add ABRON PIR-15 Part B into it. Heat upto 45oC and stir ( under dry conditions ) for 90 minutes. To this solution add ABRON PIR-15 Part C and further agitate ( at 45oC ) for 60 minutes. Cool to room temperature and use immediately.


It is very critical to use the exact weight ratios of individual solutions & also the sequence ( as mentioned above ) to prepare the solution, in order to get the appropriate properties.