ABRON – AR 180

Specifications of ABRON AR180-PartA

ABRON AR 180-Part A is a modified liquid epoxy resin. This resin is specially modified to adhere most substrates including ABS-ABS. The resin provides proper wetting to the surfaces for best adhesion. ABRON AR180-Part A is safe to use but care must be taken to avoid contact with skin as far as possible. Wash with soap and water if contact occurs.
Appearance : Viscous liquid
Colour : Clear Yellowish
Viscosity : 300 – 1000 Cps at 300C
ABRON AR180-Part A has a shelf life of 6 months if stored in original container away from humidity and excessive heat.
Standard Packing: 110 Kgs in plastic carbuoys.

Specifications of ABRON AR180-PartB

ABRON AR180-PartB is a low viscosity room temperature curing liquid hardener for ABRON AR180-PartA resin system.
Appearance : Clear brown/Amber liquid
Odour : Pungent
Colour : Max 7 Gardener Scale
Viscosity at 30oC : 200 – 600 Cps
Moisture Content,% : 1 Max.
Standard Packing: 25 Kgs hardener in plastic carbuoy.


Weigh out 110 parts of ABRON AR180-PartA by weight and to it add 25 parts by weight of ABRON AR180-PartB to it. Agitate to mix evenly for at least 10 minutes. A slight exotherm may be observed.
Apply the resin system evenly on both the surfaces to be adhered. Hold for a few minutes after application before the surfaces are matched for adhesion. Allow to cure for 3 – 5 hours. For best results allow to cure for 24 hours. Application of pressure on the adhering surfaces results in better adhesive strength.